White Cane Awareness - It's me and my cane - transcript

Voice Over: White Cane Awareness.

Woman on camera: The white cane helps me to get around. It's my eyes. It alerts me to things that I can't see. It keeps me safe and I trust it.

My white cane lets me to walk and move around the city with confidence. I can walk with my head held high. When you see me with my cane or any blind person with a cane don't assume that they're in danger and that they don't know where they're going. With the training that we have, we know where we're going. We can cross streets safely and we can get around objects. Whatever you do don't grab it or touch it.

The freedom that the white cane gives me is the opportunity to get around freely by myself. I don't need anyone to guide me. I'm able to go to the grocery store. I'm able to go to work and I'm able to go to school without depending on someone else. It's just me and my cane and we get through the day just fine.

Voice Over: This video starts with a close up of woman on a video call. As she speaks there is video of her walking across the street. Then it cuts to her getting off a bus. The bus video is shown again in slow motion.

White Cane Awareness

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services