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People with Disabilities Awareness Day Registration

Contact Information
Please do not use your work address here. Your legislator is based on where you live. This information is only used to look up your legislators for you. We also tell them how many constituents have signed up for the event. So this is pretty important.
Group Registration
Answer Yes to this question if you are going to bring a van/bus full of participants. We will have a group packet ready for you with programs and check in sheets ready to get you through the registration line quickly.
Fill this in if you are bringing individuals in buses or vans and this will help us speed you through registration.
Do you know your legislators? If so, select them from the list below.
If you don't know who your legislators are, enter your home address and we will have their names and room numbers ready when you check in at the registration table at the capitol. We also send the Senators and Representatives an email the before the event and let him or her know about the event and how many of their constituents have registered for the event. If you can't visit your legislator for some reason, this is a way for him or her to know you were there.
Which format do you need printed material in? (Required)
Do you need any accommodations at the event?
Are you an exhibitor? Will you be working at an exhibit table?
Due to limited space, booths are by invitation only and free of charge. If you have not received an invitation to exhibit and you want to be, fill out the registration and we will add you to the waiting list. All unclaimed tables are filled from the waiting list on a first come, first serve basis.
Please list the name of the organization as you would like to see it printed in the program.
Please list all those who will be working the table with you.
Are you a DRS Employee?