Tulsa Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges

The Center provides a wide variety of services for persons with physical challenges in three major program areas, rehabilitative services, adaptive recreation and community reintegration.

Rehabilitative services provides programs and classes that are designed to improve and/or maintain strength, endurance stamina and overall functional independence. They include: Individually designed rehabilitative exercise programs, Adaptive aerobic, stretching and toning classes, including seated and standing yoga, Breathing and Meditation, Leisure Education, Life Skills and more.

Adaptive recreation provide services that are designed to increase opportunities for challenging and enriching leisure and recreational experiences such as computer classes, creative cooking, creative writing, drawing and painting, handbuilding with clay, and mixed media sculpture, horticulture, and stained glass.

Community reintegration activities promote independence and help people with physical disabilities to participate in the fullest extent possible in the cultural, recreational and social life of the community. Participants enjoy bowling, horseback riding, going to movies, tandem biking, water aerobics, a variety of special outings, such as trips to local parks, theaters, concerts and a junior wheelchair sports program for children and youth with mobility impairments.


815 S. Utica Ave.
Tulsa , OK 74104






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