Oklahoma Refueling Assistance

Title 47, Section 1601 and following

The Oklahoma Mobility-Impaired Driver Refueling Service Act provides that any service station may on a voluntary basis participate in the refueling service program and on request offer refueling assistance to a mobility-impaired driver who displays a refueling ID card. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) issues the ID cards and writes the rules for the program. Contact DPS at:
Department of Public Safety
3600 North Martin Luther King Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK
405-425-2403 Voice
405-425-2424 DPS Main Information Line

Service stations that choose to participate must post signs notifying the public of the refueling assistance they offer. A list of participating service stations may be requested from DPS.

Under this state law participation in the refueling assistance program is strictly voluntary and no service station is required to offer refueling assistance. However, gasoline service stations are public accommodations that are also subject to Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III requires newly constructed and altered public accommodations (such as gas stations) to be accessible to persons with disabilities. By contrast, existing facilities must remove architectural barriers only when removal can be done easily, without great difficulty or expense. When an existing gasoline station cannot easily make its self-service pumps accessible, it must use alternate methods of providing disabled individuals with equal access to its goods and services. Provision of refueling assistance is the principle alternate method used by service stations. Stations cannot charge extra for the refueling help, and they cannot require a person to prove a disability. In certain situations alternate methods such as refueling help are not required because of security considerations (e.g. only one employee on duty).

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