Client Assistance Program

Two hands holding globes. The hand on the left is holding a globe that says questions and the hand on the right is holding a globe that says answers.

Client Assistance Program (CAP), under Office of Disability Concerns, serves as a vital link between the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services and the disability community. CAP provides advocacy to persons with disabilities who are seeking or receiving vocational rehabilitation (VR) services from DRS, as well as individuals who are receiving services from independent living centers or other Rehabilitation Act funded programs such as Tribal VR and Higher Education.

Client Assistance Program is an advocacy program which is not part of the Department of Rehabilitation Services. CAP staff can help you communicate concerns to Vocational Rehabilitation and Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired and help you work out disagreements through administrative, mediation, legal and other solutions.

Contact Information for CAP

1111 N. Lee, Suite 500
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103



(405) 521-3756

Toll Free: 

(800) 522-8224